Friday, May 18, 2012


My heart aches to be able to give generously to those in need.  I'd like to be able to buy food for the hungry, purchase clothing for those in need and build houses for the homeless.  Unfortunately I'm not in a position to do those things.  There was a time when I counted myself useless in aiding those in need.  But, over the last few years I've realized I have a great gift to give and that is the gift of prayer.  It cost me only time but, it is time well invested in aiding others as well as myself.  Oh yes, I must admit I receive great rewards in spending time with God.  

Prayer can be said while you're standing at the sink washing dishes or standing at the stove preparing a meal.  You can pray while driving to work or stopped at a traffic light.  You can pray in the waiting room of the doctor's office, in line at the grocery store, or sitting alone on a park bench.  There is no limit to the places you can find time to say a small prayer for others or yourself.

After the horrible tornado of April 27, 2011 in Alabama I felt that sense of worthlessness creep up again.  I wanted so much to be able to do something and I made the statement that I can't do anything except pray.  Then it dawned on me... that's exactly what was needed.  I needed to be in  prayer for the safety of those in the midst of the tornado aftermath.  I needed to be in prayer for medical assistance, for food and water, for clothing, for shelter.  I needed to be in prayer for a change in our communities, for peace among races, for compassion for each other.  I needed to be in prayer for lives to be touched by God's love, for souls to be saved.    I discounted my own ability to help at first but, I soon realized I could do much by seeking out our Heavenly Father, spending time with Him.

I will continue to serve God, to serve family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers by offering up prayer.  If I see even one prayer answered I know that I have done my part.

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