Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coupons and Freebies

      Today is the beginning of a new routine, blogging instead of scanning the freebie sites.  Yes, I do frequent several of those sites that offer freebies to those of us willing to wade through the undesirable surveys and auto links from one page to another.  My secret is I set up  an additional email account so that it doesn't get mixed in with my private emails and to filter out all of the SPAM (no not that weird meat that comes in a can).  It's JUNK mail in email form. I also use this account for submitting entries to sweepstakes and contests.   For all you skeptics here's my proof that sweepstakes and contests can pay off.  During the past 5 years I've won and received a $25 Walmart gift card, a $50 Visa gift card, tickets to American Idol, 5 gift certificates from Restaurant.com and a basket of Mrs. Fields Cookies, (which I might add were absolutely delicious.)

      I personally like Mozilla Firefox as my internet search engine because there is an add on that let's me know if a website has been voted as trustworthy before I start inputting my name, address and other information on that site.  However at this time I'm using Internet Explorer due to issues with compatibility with programs I'm using.  Below is a list of some of the items I've received FREE over the last couple of years.
shampoos and conditioners (some sample size, some larger)
Olay Body Wash (travel size)
Anti-Aging Face Care products (5 full size-name brands)
Feminine Hygiene products
Laundry Detergent
Coffee singles
Coffee K-cups
Energy bars
Jewelry (bracelets & pins)
Cosmetic bag with varied samples
Ink pens
Coloring Books
Magazines (full subscriptions NO PAYMENTS)
Free KINDLE book and game downloads.
Tea (singles)
Lip gloss

      I have a large plastic container with a lid in my closet and I save up my better freebies over the year.  I use some of the better ones to give as small gifts for Christmas or birthdays.  You might consider doing some freebie-shopping yourself to create a guest packet for your guest bed or bath.  Use the freebies for tokens of appreciation to teachers or neighbors.  Consider donating to individuals in nursing homes or safe shelters for battered women & children.

      Here's a small list to help you get started building your own freebie site database.  I  use several others but they are not given the green light on the Web Of Trust; I simply took a chance on them and have not had any problems.   You'll notice most all of the websites have links to additional freebie sites.  However, keep in mind I am not making any claim as to whether any of the others are safe of unsafe sites so click at your own risk.  Just make sure you have a very good ANTI-VIRUS program in place.


Happy Hunting!

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